Why is a bitten apple the symbol for apple computers

1 year agoI thought it was because the apple refers to the apple of newton

and the bit from the apple refers to the tree of wisdom (bible)

What is the symbol for the apple computer?
A bitten apple

What does a bitten apple tattoo symbolise?
love of apple computers?

What does a window car sticker mean with a bitten apple mean?
Apple computers

Why they named apple computer apple why is the apple bitten?
Lots of speculation over the Apple name- Jobs & Wozniak wanted their startup to be in front of Atari in the phone book. They wanted distance from the cold, complicated imagery created by other computer companies at the time - with names such as IBM, one Galaxy s8 plus antutu score 7 pro antutu score Digital Equipment and Cincom. It was a tribute to Apple Records, the music label of the Beatles. For solid answers, it's always a good idea to go to the founders.In...

What does the symbol of the apple with a bite out of it stand for?
It is the logo for Apple Computers.

What does the bitten apple logo means?
If you mean the one for apple computers it's because Steve Jobs worked at an Apple Farm when he made his first computer.

What is the sign for apple?
The general symbol for Apple computers is an apple with a big bite out of it. It is currently a white apple, but it used to be a rainbow-striped apple.

What is the ticker symbol for Macintosh?
if you mean "apple computers", it's "AAPL".

What does a bitten apple mean?
it means you ate an apple Well I'm assuming you heard that on TV or something... Did they refer to someone's body/self as bitten apple? Did they say that they didn't want the "apple" because it was bitten? Generally when someone refers to something(or SOMEONE) as a bitten apple; they mean that they have been bitten, in other words, "used" -bitten apple=non-virginal/used body

8 months agoIs Apple Computers a public or private company?
APPLE is a publicly traded company New Name Apple Computers has changed its name to Apple, Inc., a publicly-traded company listed on NASDAQ (AAPL). APPL Apple Computer is VERY much a public company. Their stock symbol is APPL.

Why is the apple logo a bitten apple?
There is a bite bitten out of it , to show rememberance of a scientist who ate a cyancide apple , then commited suicide

Why did apple choose the apple bitten off the side logo?
because competitors have bitten off a piece:)

Is Apple a public limited or private limited company?
Apple, Inc. (Apple Computers) is a public limited company. Its stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol AAPL.

Where is the apple button?
Early Apple computers had an Apple on the Command (cmd) key which was also known as the Apple key. This was abandoned with the Macintosh as the Apple symbol, denoting the shortcut keys, was filling the menus which was seen as over usage of their logo. Susan Kare found the Saint John's Arms symbol which was used to replace the Apple on the Command key.

What is stock trading instruments?
The various company stocks like symbol AAPL (Apple Computers) or BBRY (Blackberry)

What is the book called that has a bitten apple on the cover?
It could be Twilight, Samsung Galax a10 antutu score although that is just two hands holding an apple and it is not bitten.

What is the past participle of the word bite?
bitten eg I have bitten the apple

Does an apple or banana rot faster outside?
If neither has been peeled/bitten, the banana. If they've been peeled/bitten, the apple.

How can you get apple computers on retail prices?
Apple computers can be had at retail prices from any retailer of Apple computers.

Who were the makers of apple computers?
apple thats why they are called apple computers

What are personal computers from Apple called?
Modern Apple computers are referenced to as Mac computers or Macintosh computers

Why is the apple on the apple logo bitten?
Cause they worship the devil hence Adam and eve she bit the apple

When and who invented apple computers?
steve jobs inveted apple computers. he inveted everthing apple

Who began apple computers?
Steve Jobs He created Apple computers and Macontosh

What is the best desktop computer for students?
Students are able to get Apple computers at a discounted price. Apple computers are very safe. Apple computers are sturdy and gaining popularity. Dell computers are also popular.

Are there apple computers in London?
Apple computers are in almost every major city on the planet. Same as Microsoft computers. Microsoft computers are used by businesses that do a lot of administration. Apple computers are used by creative businesses such as architects and magazines publishers.

Can apple computers play video games?
Apple computers, in common with most other computers, can play video games.

When did they start selling apple computers to the public?
The first Apple computers were sold in 1976.

Apple computers sell what kind of products?
apple computers sell what kind of roducts?

Where can cheap Apple computers be bought?
Cheap Apple computers may be bought on eBay, or huawei nova 3i antutu rating honor 20i antutu score on the Amazon website. Cheap apple computers may also be bought directly from the Apple website, although they may be refurbished.

How did Apple Computers get started?
Apple Computers was started by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976. It was incorporated as Apple Computers Inc. in 1977.

What are the first 3 apple computers?
Apple I Apple ][ Apple ][E

What is the ticker symbol for Apple Corps?
AAPL is the ticker symbol for Apple Corps

What is the symbol for Apple Inc in NASDAQ?
The symbol for Apple Inc. in NASDAQ is: AAPL.

When was apple computers sold in stores?
Apple computers have been sold in stores since the Apple 1 first appeared in 1976.

Does Microsoft own apple computers?
No, Apple computers inc. is a separate company than Microsoft

Is the apple nano for Apple computers only?
No they for work all computers that have windows XP or higher.

Is 'Windows 98' compatible with IBM computers or Apple computers?
IBM not Apple.

What stores sell apple laptop computers?
Apple retail stores will for sure sell apple laptop computers. Other stores that may carry apple laptop computers include Radio Shack, Best Buy, or Smiths.

What country are apple computers made in?
Designed By Apple in California Assembled in China. Apple has been moving production of some Apple computers to the U.S. since 2012.

What is the ticker symbol for Apple?
The ticker symbol for Apple, Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) is AAPL and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

What is a symbol of an apple?
the symbol of an apple, well it has many but the most common one is love.

Where are apple computers made?
Apple designs their computers at their HQ in California and they are assembled by companies in China and Taiwan.

How do you turn your PC into an apple computer?
Apple computers are made by Apple. Apple write their own operating system called Mac OS X to use on their computers. Legally you can only run Mac OS X on a computer made by Apple. Other makes of computer cannot be turned into Apple computers.

Does apple have better computers then Microsoft and windows?
I think apple computer is better, And I like apple computers better. In my opinion Microsoft and Windows are better.

Can you draw pictures on apple computers?
Apple computers have an excellent range of software available which can be used to draw pictures.

Do apple computers have modems?
As of around 2010 or 2011 Apple no longer installed dial up modems in their computers.

What brand of processor does apple computers use now?
Apple uses various processors from Intel for their range of computers.

6 months agoWhat was the name of the first Apple computers?
The Apple II

Where did the apple computer come from?
Where did apple computers come from

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