Who were the main characters in Dragon Ball AF

The main characters in Dragon Ball AF are Alakaz, Android #Galaxy Note 8 Specs, huawei Nova5 pro antutu rating Android #16, Android #17, Android #18, Android #22 and Goku. These characters can change during the story.

What channel does Dragon Ball af?
Dragon Ball af is a Mixed Dragon ball z Mixed Dragon Ball Gt.But Dragon Ball Af never was true any way

Where can you find Dragon Ball af?
dragon ball af does not exist

Is Dragon Ball af coming out?
I don't think there is a dragon ball AF

Where can you download lots of Mugen rare characters?
you can download rare characters of dragon ball z,gt and Galaxy s9 plus specs af from website

What is after Dragon Ball Z af?
Dragon Ball AF is a fanmade anime there is no another creation of dragon ball Z after GT

Is dragon ball Kai the same as dragon ball af?
no because 1. dragon ball AF doesn't exist. AF stands for "April Fools." 2. dragon ball Kai is DBZ with a different interpretation.

Is there a super saiyan 5 in Dragon Ball Z?
in dragon ball af there was but dragon ball af wasnt really "real" (AF is april fools) in the dragon ball z and gt there was only a ssj4 no 5

When will Dragon Ball AF be on TV?
Dragon ball AF does not exist. It is fan made.

Can you get dragonball af characters on Dragon Ball Z budakai tenkaichi 3?
Dragonball AF means APRIL FOOLS. It's not real. It was a joke

Is Dragon Ball AF animated?
hmmm im not sure whether dragon ball and dragon ball AF are the same thing but if they are then yup

Dragon Ball af did xicor die?
dragon ball af and xicor isn't real

When will Dragon Ball AF episodes will come?
never dragon ball AF is a fake fans created it

Where can you find Dragon Ball Z budiki AF?
AF is a made up dragon ball MAN

Where to get Dragon Ball af?
It was a April fools joke in Japan after Dragon BallGT ended.It does not exist and what exist of Dragon ball AF is drawing rumors etc.. and also there are PS2 Games for Dragon Ball AF which are unofficial and I also have the game

When will Dragon Ball Af will come in playstation?
never dragon ball af is a fake fans made it up

Where to get the game Dragon Ball af?
dragon ball af is not real they said this show will release in April 1st but it is not af stands for April fool

What channel is Dragon Ball Z AF on?
I am sorry. The dragon ball AF is only can show in japan. They created is on japan. Dragon Ball z, Gt, Af , hoshi are Japanese Saga. There were never other places because they talk Japaneses language you got to japan and buy dragon ball Af. You can watch Dragon ball Z, Kai, Gt and Z Kai.

Release date for Dragon Ball af?
dragon ball af doesn't exist. it is probably a fan-made show

What is Dragon Ball Z budokai AF?
Dragon Ball AF is suppost to be After Future but DBAF does not excist its just a joke

Where you watch Dragon Ball AF Season?
Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans.

Will Dragon Ball AF Be Made Or No?
They're Trying To Make Dragon Ball AF, But There Is A Problem, So They Donnow Will They Make It Or No

What saga is after Dragon Ball Z Kai?
dragon ball AF

Who is frieza's family?
King Cold - Father East Kai - Mother(Dragon ball af) Cooler - Brother Frieza - himself Ice - Cousin(Dragon ball af) Grand Freeze - Grandpa(Dragon ball af)

Dragon Ball Z budokai af?
Dragon Ball Budokai AF does not excist the closest one to DBAF is either Yo! Goku and Friends return and Dragon Ball KAI

Is there a Dragon Ball AF?
yes and goku turns ss15 how dare you lie! There is no a dragon ball AF. It was created by fans because they wanted another season after dragon ball gt!

For what system is dragonball af?
Nothing, Dragon Ball AF is a joke and the ideas of some Dragon Ball fans. Seriously, it doesn't exist. You can check out Dragon Ball Wiki and read about it there.

What year is Dragon Ball af going to make it to America?
dragon ball af is not real it started out as a April fools joke that's were it got the name af

Where can you buy Dragon Ball Z AF?
Dragon ball z af is not real in USA only Japan and you cant buy it!

What happens in the first episode of dragon ball af?
Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans.

Did trunks start going out with pan in Dragon Ball GT or Dragon Ball AF?
not in gt. af is fan-made and is not official.

When does Goku turn ss4?
In dragon ball GT and galaxy m30 antutu benchmark a60 specs dragon ball AF

Is Dragon Ball af real?
No. It is fake, well sort of. Dragon Ball AF was supposed to come out. The author wanted to do AF, but I believe the TV producers wanted to end it with GT. So AF is sort of like a hidden series. Dragon Ball AF is real, galaxy m30 antutu benchmark s8 plus specs but they only have comic books and action figures.

What will the next series be after dragonball gt?
it will be Dragon ball AF false dragon ball af will not really happen AF really stands for April fools its not a real thing

Is Dragon Ball af a real show?
Dragon Ball AF is not a real show. Dragonball AF was created by the fans of the franchise. It has been said that it was an April Fools trick.

Is there a Dragon Ball af series?
No, Dragonball AF is not real.

What does af means in dragon ball z af?
After future

Who is goks third son in dragon ball af?
Im sorry but there is no Dragon ball AF its fan made stands for APRIL FOOLS

How do you unlock people in Dragon Ball Z budokai af?
Go to Google and write dragon ball budokai AF cheat codes

When can you watch Dragon Ball af?
never dragon ball af is fan made but maybe you can watch the fan made af's on youtube

Is there a new Dragon Ball season?
No there isn't , the last one is Dragon ball gt : dragon ball af is not true !

When does Dragon Ball Z budokai AF come out?
Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans. If you mean Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, it has already been made.

Where you can watch Dragon Ball af episodes?
Where can you watch dragon ball af episodes? u cant its dragonball af (after future) it come out in the future like 2011 but you can read the comic of it

When will there be Dragon Ball AF?
Never. Dragon Ball AF started as an April Fool's joke. Get it? AF:April Fool's. As nice as it would be, AF remains as a fanfiction kind of thing for fans.

What saga will come after Dragon Ball gt?
i think it's dragon ball af

Where can you watch dragon ball after Dragon Ball Z?
Dbzgt(Dragonball GT) AF can't be watched anywhere its a joke AF=April fools

How many super saiyan levels are there?
3 from dragon ball z but if you count dragon ball af and dragon ball gt which are fan made but still ofishel 12 there are probly more just not have hapend yet dragon ball gt was canceld and dragon ball af is still bieing made

When Dragon Ball GT will come in india?
Dragon ball gt comes in india and Dragon ball af comes in India

When is dragonball af going to come out?
Dragon Ball AF (AF actually meaning April Fools) is a fan made Dragon Ball GT sequal, it is not real and is in no way connected to Akira Toriyama (Creator of Dragon Ball) besides the fact that is based off of Dragon Ball. it will never become a T.V. show, and cannot be sold for profit.

When is Dragon Ball AF releasing?
never sorry but go the question is there a dragon ball af cuz i alredy answered tat and it has some good ideas

Are there any new series coming after Dragon ball GT and not remake?
its Dragon ball AF

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