Which is better a 8point1 megapixel sony digital camera with a carl zeiss lens Or b 10 megapixel.

I would go with the 10 mp Samsug, because it's better quality. However I have a camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and it's very good. Bottom line they're both great quality but I would go with the second one.

What should you look for when buying a digital camera?
Features and functions together with the megapixel count. The higher the megapixel count, the better a photograph will be produced in better detail.

Which phone to buy Samsung star or nokia e63?
I thought bout both these too aned i reckon the E63 is better,even no the camera is only 2 megapixel it has a sensor thing that other phones dont have and the quality in the right conditions is probably equal to a 4 megapixel camera the samsung star looks mad but i reckon its a little cheapo.

Is the Samsung Reality good?
The Samsung Reality has an intuitive display, three home screens, a 3.5mm headset jack, a nice keyboard, and features that include a 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS, and stereo Bluetooth. On its own, the Samsung Reality is a great midrange multimedia phone, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Rogue, which has a better design and Galaxy s9 plus specs better features.

Is the sony xperia miro better than the samsung galaxy trend gt-s7392?
sony xperia miro is better because it has a high megapixel camera and has a 2.2G for the store and it is 3.5 inches and it is a very nice phone.

What is the best digital camera out there?
Hasselblad has made the best cameras for generations and its no different with modern digital cameras. The latest and most advanced Hasselblad is the CF39MS 39 megapixel DSLR. But you better have lots of money becaust it costs around $38,000!!!

What is a megapixel on a camera?
A megapixel is one million pixels. A pixel is a picture element. Like graphics displayed on a television or computer monitor, digital photos are made from millions of tiny colored dots, or pixels. The more pixels used to produce a photo, the less "grainy" it will appear and the better any enlargements made from it will be. A 6-megapixel camera can produce standard 4 x 6 photos at a remarkable 500 pixels per inch and...

Which phone is better Samsung u600 or Samsung j700?
The samsung u600 is better The samsung u600 is better

What are the pixels in digital pictures?
Each "pixel" is a part of the image that remembers a very small part of the digital picture. It is due to the huge number of pixels (megapixel = 1,000,000 pixels) that your digital images retain so much detail. Just remember, the more megapixels, the more detail... but it doesn't necessarily mean a better photo!

Which is better a Samsung solstice or a Samsung strive?
samsung solstice is better

Is the Samsung seek better than the Samsung reality?
No the Samsung reality is better!

Which phone is better Samsung behold or Samsung solstice?
samsung solstice by far is better samsung behold is garbage

Is Samsung reality better than Samsung seek?
yes samsung reality is way better then samsung seek

What is better Samsung or lg?
lg is more better than samsung. samsung sucks even sony ericson is better samsung are the world crapest phones

Which is better Samsung Grand Prime or Samsung Galaxy S3?
Some people think that Samsung Grand Prime is better than Samsung Galaxy S3. Some people thing that a Samsung Galaxy is better than a Samsung Grand Prime.

What phone is better Metro PCS Samsung Finesse or Samsung Caliber?
In my opinion the samsung finesse is better. :)

What is better Samsung Eternity or Samsung Impression?
Eternity: slimmer, full touch screen, 3 megapixel camera, 3.5mm standard headphone jack. full browser support. Impression: first in the U.S. to have an AMOLED screen (blacker blacks, uses less energy). has a slide out full QWERTY keyborad, 3 megapixel camera. proprietary samsung headphone jack, Xiaomi CC9e specs full browser support, 3 megapixel camera. Both the Eternity and Impression have the same sized touch screens. Generally the same phone except one is slimmer, and the other has a full...

Samsung gravity or samsung gravity 2?
if you are going to get the Samsung gravity or galaxy a80 specs the Samsung gravity 2 get the Samsung gravity 2 the phone has better features and a better camera.

Which is the better Samsung or Philips?
samsung is way better than Philips

Which is better a Samsung Gravity or a Samsung Intensity?
The Samsung Intensity

Which is better for a teenager Samsung star WiFi or Samsung corby?
samsung corby s3563 has wifi as well but id still say the samsung corby is better

What is better a Samsung LCD or a Panasonic LCD?
Panasonic is generally a better brand than samsung the samsung remotes are rubbish

Is lg better than Samsung?
LG is always better than Samsung

Is Samsung is better than nokia?
this is an opinion of mine but i think that samsung is better

Which is better Samsung corby or Samsung B3410?
i prefer the samsung b3410! :):)

Is a 10 or 12 megapixal better?
Well it's:12 megapixel

Is Samsung better than apple?
No way, Apple is much BETTER than samsung.

How does coby compare to Samsung or Toshiba?
The Coby is a better value and uses a Samsung panel, so the engine of the Coby is Samsung at a better price.

What phone is better samsung galaxy s10 specs c6625 or tocco huawei honor 20 lite specs?
Go for Samsung Tocco Lite as it has much better features than Samsung c6625.

Which is a better phone the iphone or the Samsung messenger touch?
well the iphonne has too many problems and the samsung is better faster and safer for kids if they want it so i think the samsung is better.

Which is a better phone HTC or Samsung moment?
htc is a better phone than samsung and it is also better than iphones

What is better nexus tablet or samsung tablet?
i prefere using the nexus better than the samsung

What is better Samsung Galaxy Europa or blackberry torch?
Samsung Galaxy Europa Is Much Better!

Which is better the Samsung indulge or galaxy indulge?
Samsung galaxy indulge is better because it has 4G.

What is the difference between a 8.5 mega pixel and 10 mega pixel?
10 megapixel will have a larger image size and better image quality to a 8.5 megapixel. I hope this helps

How does the resolution of a 2.4 megapixal digital camera compare with a disposable camera?
Generally speaking, film has a much better resolution than digital cameras. In fact, if you were to compare good 35mm color film to the "megapixel" rating of digital cameras, film would rate in the area of 24 megapixels. The problem is not with the resolution of the storage media (digital vs. film), but rather the abilities of the cameras themselves. A disposable camera is going to have a disposable lens in it. Lenses have a...

When compared lg TVs to Samsung TVs which one is better?
Samsung is better than LG . As Samsung makes all the tubes for other Tv's

Which is better Samsung s5620 Monte or Samsung tocco lite?
Samsung s5620 Monte

What is better the Samsung Galaxy y or Samsung Galaxy pocket?
samsung galaxy pocket

Which is better Samsung Galaxy europa or Samsung tocco lite?
samsung galaxy europa

Which is better 68000 pixels or 1 megapixel?
If you mean bigger the 1 megapixel is bigger. If you needed a bigger image for printing or to be shown on a bigger screen for example. If you needed a smaller image (for instance) the 68000 pixels may suit your purpose better.

Is the Samsung glyde better than the enV2?
No. any phone would be better than the samsung Glyde.

Which is better IPhone or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?
Samsung Galaxy Nexus is way Better than Iphone.

Which is better lg TV or samsung TV?
Samsung TVs are known to be better when it comes to performance and quality of product. However samsung products are more expensive.

What is better the Samsung Galaxy ace or the Samsung Galaxy y?
The Samsung galaxy ace is bigger and better than the samsung galaxy Y I would recommend the galaxy ACE and recommend on Vodafone and O2

What phone is better the Samsung Galaxy s or the Samsung nexus s?
Samsung Galaxy S

What phone is better Samsung eternity or iphone?
samsung eternity

Which laptops are better Samsung or Sony?
samsung is the best laptop

Is the Samsung tocco ultra good?
The samsung tocco ultra is a very good phone, with an 8 megapixel camera which is like the best camera you can get on a phone. The only thing I find is that the battery doesn't last very long before you need to charge it. However, if you turn off the bluetooth and only turn it on when you need it, galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark the battery lasts a lot longer. Overall a very good phone - better than...

Is Samsung better or LG in India?
No Not LG is Not Better than Samsung In my Thoughts I Have A refrigerator of Samsung in my house And in My Grandpa's house there is LG refrigerator from which bad smell cames.

16mm film is equivelant to how many mega pixels?
There is no direct relationship between film and megapixel count. One is analog (film) the other digital. In terms of printing, the best you could expect out of a 16mm negative would be a decent 3 X 4" print, at the very most, and that would be out of a well-exposed, sharp negative. Even small digital files will print better.

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