What kind of apple was the apple in Apple Records

The apple can only be explained as a Beatle's apple... for they are beyond Granny Smith

When was Apple Records created?
Apple Records was created in 1968.

When did Capitol Records buy Apple Records?
Apple Records is a record label founded by The Beatles in 1968 as a division of Apple Corps Ltd.. EMI and Capitol Records agreed to distribute Apple Records until 1975. Apple owned the rights to records by artists they signed, while EMI retained ownership of the Beatles' records and solo Beatles.

What is the stock symbol for apple records?
There is none. Apple Records is a division of Apple Corps Ltd., which is a privately-owned company.

Is Apple computer part of Apple Records?
No, because the Beatles, who were signed with apple records, had a dispute with the Apple company about their name, which is why the Beatles were never on Itunes, until recently last year I believe.

Who owns apple records?
The Beatles founded Apple Corps in 1968.

Did the Beatles start Apple Records?
Yes. Apple Records (distributed by EMI) was a division of their company, Apple Corps, formed in 1967. Apple's first record releases were in 1968.

What kind of apple grow in Jamaica?
Otaheite Apple, Star Apple and Custard Apple.

Why is an apple grouchy?
there is a kind of apple called a crab apple

What kind of apple that is not in apple tree?
the apple that is not on an apple tree is the yellow apple. A yellow apple is a real apple, so it grows on an apple tree. A "road apple" is not a real apple. A "road apple" is horse dung.

What is Apple Records' email address?
Apple Records does not advertize an email address. You can sign up for their newsletter below.

What kind of apple do you use to make apple sauce?
Green Apple!

In what kind of foods might you find apple?
You can find apple in such foods as: apple sauce apple pudding apple dumplings apple pie apple tart apple crumble apple cobbler apple strudel apple muffins apple danish pastry baked pork and apple apple- stuffed chicken breast

What was the address in London of the Apple Records building that The Beatles played live on the rooftop?
The Apple records building was at 3 Savile Row in Mayfair.

What fruit is associated with the Beatles?
The apple, because of the name of the record label that they established, Apple Records.

What kind of a tree does an apple grow on?
an apple tree

Why the name apple?
It was originally Macintosh, which is a kind of apple.

What kind of apple is not an apple?
I would have to say a pineapple.

What kind apple has a short temper?
A crab apple.

Apple computers sell what kind of products?
apple computers sell what kind of roducts?

What is the email address for apple?
"Apple" usually refers to Apple Inc. The company that make the iPhone and iPad. Apple Inc. is a very large international company. It has many points of contact (See links below) and each section/department has it's own email address as do the staff who work in that department. "Apple" may also refer to the Apple Records, the UK company related to the Beatles. Sign up for the Apple Records Newsletter below.

Which band's CDs feature the inside of an apple?
The Beatles' CDs feature the inside of an apple. They use it to signify that the manufacturer of the album is Apple Records, which is owned by the group.

How much money does is cost to buy one apple from a supermarket?
Purchasing an apple from the supermarket will depend on what kind of apple it, how much the apple weighs, and what store you are in. One apple will be about 1 dollar.

What kind of fruits do you put in pastries?
Apple is good for an apple pie.

How did Apple Records get there name?
from yoko ono s artwork called apple?(that maybe john lennon took a bite from?)

What kind of apple was used for the Beatles' Apple logo?
Granny Smith

What kind of apple was the largest apple?
Don't ask me, I'm just a kid

How many apples are in five pound?
Each apple is different, so it depends on what kind of apple it is. It depends on the size of every apple.

Is the apple is common noun?
Yes, apple would be common because it is just in general. If you were saying a certain kind of apple, like Red Delicious Apple, then it would be proper.

Is Washington a type of apple?
Yes, just like Red Delicious and Fuji, Washington is a kind of an apple which is a deep red colored apple.

What kind of candy starts with a?
apple candy apple: toffee (m)ars bar

What kind of apple is best for Samsung galaxy s9 antutu benchmark making apple juice?
The Gala apple, the reason why is because the juice inside of it is very light, and it is also sweet but not over sweetened. Try not to use the juice from a green apple, the red Gala apple is best! the juice from the green apple is heavier than the Gala apple(red)...and that is why you should ure the red Gala apple :)

What kind of energy does an apple have?
The kind of energy that an apple has depends on its position. In most cases, it will potential energy when just sitting on a table.

What was the name of the record label started by the Beatles?
Apple Records. It was a division of their company Apple Corps Ltd. EMI acted as Apple's distributors.

Is apple a common or a proper noun?
The word apple is a common noun, a word for any apple of any kind. A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example: Professor Michael Apple, University of Wisconsin at Madison Apple Valley, MN and Apple Valley,CA The Apple House, Linden, VA

What kind of leaves come off a crab apple tree?
Crab apple tree leaves.

What kind Apple is on Apple computer?
The name "Apple" apparently reflects Steve Jobs' early vagabonding years when he ventured north from California and galaxy a40 antutu score into the state of Oregon.

What type of seed do apples have?
well it depnds what kind of apple it is and also you can ask how many seeds does a apple have

What fruit is neither a pine nor huawei honor 20i antutu score honor 20 antutu score apple yet a kind of berry?
A PINEAPPLE is not an apple or a pine but it is a fruit

Where did Apple Juice originate from?
apple juice comes from some sort kind of like a orange squeezer

How did Mac get its name?
Macintosh (mac for short) is a kind of apple which is the name of the company who makes them Apple Inc.

Where can a wireless mouse for the Apple computer be purchased?
A wireless mouse for the Apple computer can be ordered on the internet website for Apple. You must specify what kind of computer you have before ordering.

Why do cells reproduce cells only of their own kind?
The cell can only pass on what it already has. An apple can't pass on anything but apple. You don't get a banana from an apple cell.

What does computer dumpling sauce records cobbler have in common?
The word "apple"

What is the name of the studio where the beetles recorded most of their songs?
apple Records

What is the name of The Beatles very own record label?
Apple Records.

Which kind of apple is the most acid and Juiciest?
The juiciest apple is the granny smith apple because it can be squeezed and still be juiciest plus when you bite into it it will run down your mouth and if you are allergic to it its probably from so much juice in it so that's why the granny smith apple is the juiciest apple.

Is apple is a common noun or proper noun?
The noun 'apple' is a common noun, a general word for any apple of any kind. A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Apple Valley, CA or Apple, Inc. (technology company).

Is apple common noun or proper noun?
The word 'apple' is a common noun, Samsung galaxy s9 antutu benchmark a word for any apple of any kind, a word for a thing. Example: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example: Apple Annie's Orchard, samsung galaxy a70 antutu score a50 antutu Wilcox, AZ Apple Springs, TX 75926 Apple iPhone, Apple iPad "The Story of the Apple" by David J. Mabberley and Barrie E. Juniper

How did Apple computers get their name?
Steve Jobs worked summer jobs at a California apple farm. He also liked the Beatles and their label, Apple Records. When he and Steve Wozniak tried to come up with a company name, they decided that if they couldn't think of anything better by the end of the day, they'd go with the name "Apple." And they couldn't, so they did. Apple Computers was founded on April 1, 1976. The fact that the company was...

What type of apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head?
we can't tell what type but it is a red kind of apple

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