The Challenges Faced by Apple

The CEO of Apple Steve introduced the new Apple TV and highlighted that his company has made great effort in the Apple TV. This may become a great strategy for Google.

From iPod to MacBook Air, galaxy a30 antutu score m20 samsung galaxy s10e antutu score score both former bring great surprise to apple fans. The apple conference in September, “axis products”, the second-generation has been staged. Some rumors say that it is renamed as iTV and enters“I” ranks. However, the fans are disappointed again.

It is said that the British TV gets angry when they heard that Jobs will change Apple TV as iTV and says that they will use legal means to fight back. Therefore, “iTV” identification problem has not been resolved. Of course, this made the apple fans very disappointed. The color of the second generation has been changed as dazzle matte black.

Such a mini STBS, of course, one galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark 7 antutu score will not miss the mini charming remote control. The second generation Apple TV remote control switches to adopt the fourth-generation iPod Nano silver aluminum case. And the price is also very reasonable.

Maybe we make a mistake that Apple will produce TV judged by its name. However, galaxy a40 antutu score the second generation Apple TV still just own HDMI,USB audio and nic interface, and it supports wifi 802.11n wireless Internet STB. In 2006, the total sales of the first generation of Apple TV are 300 million which is reached by the iPod only in 3 months.

Once, Jobs wants to use Apple to replace the United States’ cable operator. However, he dropped the idea after a negotiation with a few big content suppliers. Nowadays, the users can rent an episode by $0.99 per set. Furthermore, Apple hopes to change the habits of TV audience. But the negotiation between Apple and the suppliers is continued

No matter what is the competition between the companies, the most important purpose is also their benefits. They hope more and more people will use their product.

Although Steve Jobs is not engaged in the design work, as a decision maker, he always has creative ideas. Apple’s most products, including operating system interface is not the money can do. It is an creative idea of that kind. So we may think it is a good way to extend their product.

Maybe Microsoft can hire the world’s most expensive designer, but Microsoft can always put a graphical interface and after users loaded this system, iphone antutu they will think it is beautiful and they may continue to use this software.
05.08.2019 12:17:08
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