Sony XBR-X950G series Does going all-in on Google make a good TV

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> Sony's 2019 TVs have more Google smarts than any TVs since, galaxy m30 antutu benchmark a8s antutu ranking well, Sony's original Google TV nine years ago. The XBR-X950G boasts the latest version of the Android TV smart TV system and, unlike past iterations, it works quickly and allows plenty of customizations. And Sony is the only TV maker so far to offer Google Assistant voice control hands-free, without having to touch the remote. Saying, "Hey Google, turn on the TV" is sweet indeed. 

But since you can get great streaming and samsung galaxy a50 antutu app features, and even voice control, from any number of cheap external devices, the real question remains: "Hey Google, how good is the picture quality for the price?" I may not have access to Google Assistant's algorithms and scads of user data, but I can tell you the answer myself: not great. The XBR-X950G costs more than rivals like the Samsung Q70R, huawei honor 10 antutu score mate 20 huawei p30 pro antutu score antutu score Vizio M8 and TCL 6 series, one plus 6T antutu score yet it didn't perform as well as any of them in my side-by-side comparisons. The Sony has its strengths, including a bright HDR picture and accurate color, one plus 6T antutu score but less impressive contrast and local dimming spoil the deal. 
29.08.2019 19:55:18
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