Macquarie Wafer Volume Slow Down in Growth in Second Quarter

It was reported by Macquarie Capital that Qualcomm, MediaTek, galaxy a20e specs Xilinx, and Nvidia have reduced the orders of second quarter for TSMC. Consequently, the growth rate of wafer shipment in the second quarter will slip to 5 percent from earlier expectation 10-12 percent.

It was agreed by Lv Dongfeng who is a semiconductor galaxy a80 HTC Desire 19+ specs analyst of Goldman Sachs. But is this order adjustment resulted that hot sale of smart phone and tablet squeezes feature phone and NB, or galaxy a20e specs both smart phone and tablet PC decline. That depends.

According to Liu of Mcquarie, Qualcomm recently reduced orders of baseband Huawei P20 Pro specs p20 lite one plus 6 specs chip for feature phone for TSMC, but the demand for galaxy m10 antutu smart phone and tablet SOCs was not much affected.

In addition, MediaTek and Xilinx are successively lowering the estimated demand for wafer for the reason of softening terminal demand and inventory correction.

With regard to Nvidia, it also decreases wafer orders for CPU chip set due to gradual lost of market share, said Liu.

Therefore, Liu anticipated that the TSMC'S growth rate of wafer volume will drop to 5 percent from earlier estimate of 10-12 percent. Lv pointed out that presently TSMC's clients reduce orders mainly on smart phone, tablet PC, 2G handsets with 10-15 percent due to too much production capacity in past 12-18 months.

What's more, according to Lv's understanding, MediaTek's wafer shipment in the second quarter for TSMC and UMC had a slight drop compared to the previous quarter. In terms with Xilinx, the volume of both second and third quarter was slipped down. This is regarded as the first order adjustment since the adjustment of PC and consumer products demand in the third quarter of 2010.

As a result, if there will be adjustment for communication orders in 2011, it will not be surprised. The related integrated circuit is CD4055BE.

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