GPS navigation Mainland section is failure

Car owners, you have no such experience: happy out of town, under the guidance of the navigator to the A to the end, they found that the B to Fortunately, you at best a waste on gas money, more serious, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs galaxy note 9 specs a navigator map of the pit father even a threat to your safety. Car navigation systems have become widespread, according to media reports, however, the car GPS is only 3 percent by the certification, and a large part of the car GPS map from 10 years ago. According to reporter investigation, Kunming, many vehicle owners are free to use the crack version of the map, these maps can not update, and some owners even came close to being the lead navigator death.

Wen Yu in the automotive industry for several years in Kunming, in order to facilitate travel, Wen Yu family to help purchase a car. Wen Yu, however, in addition to know the drive to work and the way home, Kunming road traffic are not familiar with. To this end, Wen Yu spent more than 500 yuan on Taobao bought a car navigation systems, and huawei honor 10 lite antutu benchmark p smart 2019 antutu spent more than 100 yuan bought one equipped with a "crack version of the map the memory card. Initially, the car navigation with in the city main road, no problem, but last year's experience allows Wen Yu dumbfounding.

A weekend in November last year, Wen Yu and friends intend to relax Xundian pasture. According to the instructions of the navigator, Wen Yu's car gradually embarked on a highway, but when Xundian "fork in the road in front of the navigator does not make any prompt, Wen Yu is still along the highway all the way forward. Navigator prompts to your destination has to ... ", Wen Yu found his body even in Qujing. Afraid of your navigator is a knockoff, right  "Listening to the accompanying friends laugh, samsung galaxy s8 specs Wen Yu was very Biequ.

Experience: regardless of the bridge under the bridge almost towards the decapitation bridge

Speaking navigator "pit" Chen Lin experience more adventure, he came close to being the wrong navigation onto the road to death.

Chinese New Year a few days ago, Chen Lin is responsible to send a report to a cooperative company, At that time, to work the morning peak, Chen Lin, galaxy m20 specs a20e specs chose to go the second ring fast elevated. Unfamiliar with Chen Lin to open the navigator, and select the "high-speed priority," a choice of roads. Subsequently, Chen Lin's car smoothly on the ground a second ring, who knows just past the first fork in the road, navigation systems to give directions to 300 meters and turn left. "How can the intersection turn viaduct " Chen Lin car camera  extremely puzzled. However, also can not be Chenlin Si test after a few seconds navigator prompted again 100 meters turn left. "At this point, the left front that there exists a fork Chen Lin change lanes immediately drove to the fork in the road.

Just transferred to the left front fork, Chen Lin was suddenly discovered that the fork placed warning signs, look closely, this fork is actually the period of the construction has not yet completed "Sleepy bridge! Subsequently is a shrill sound of the brakes. "Fortunately, found in a timely fashion, or certainly staged 'Second Ring Speed'." Recalled the experience, Chen Lin still haunt. Later, Chen Lin to find reasons: decapitation under the bridge is indeed the junction turn left, the original car navigation systems have always thought that Chen Lin's car at the bridge so issued the instruction of "turn left ahead".
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