Google's Latest Smartphone Pixel 2 Has Arrived

Samsung and Apple are currently dominating the smartphones and tablet industry, with their flagship devices getting most of the market share. Other competitors have stepped in and Google is one of the companies capable of keeping the balance with its latest devices. When Pixel was released, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire market and many Google fans were quick to acquire the gadget.

Luckily for them they were not disappointed by the quality of the smartphone and many were anxiously waiting to see how the next device would perform. Now that Pixel 2 has arrived, people are wondering whether an upgrade is warranted and how does this smartphones compare with other industry leaders.

Google enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide, so prospective customers who take a leap of faith with their new device don't risk much. Meanwhile, those who already own a Pixel phone need to make an educated decision before replacing it with the second iteration. Some small processor and storage changes were made, but is Pixel 2 much better than its predecessor?

An Important Milestone for Samsung galaxy m10 antutu Note 10 Plus huawei p30 pro specs Google

In this highly competitive industry of mobile devices, galaxy a40s huawei mate 20x specs there is no room for error and Google was under considerable pressure to deliver. Pixel 2 uses the new Snapdragon 835 processor, which is faster and also makes better use of its battery. In a world where people are frightened by the possibility of their phones dying unexpected, a longer battery life means a great deal. Both devices have 4 GB of RAM, so in this regard users shouldn't expect a major improvement.

On the other hand, those who contemplate the possibility of acquiring the new gadget should know that the 128 GB version is up for grabs. In the absence of a microSD card slot, this could make a difference for those who feel like they need more storage. Pixel 2 has a camera that is only slightly better than the previous smartphones. The good news is that Google's first device in this series already had one of the best cameras, so any progress is made on a solid foundation.

Its battery is insignificantly larger than what Pixel could brag about, yet the processor makes better use of it. The new smartphone has a fast and reliable fingerprint sensor with no noticeable delay and water resistant so it can be used if it rains. All in all, there are plenty of reasons for why people would acquire the new gadget that is live in Google's store now.

Not all Changes are for the Better

Smartphone developers sometimes have the tendency of making changes that don't resonate well with their customer base. Apple and HTC were among the first to remove the headphone jack and rely exclusively on Bluetooth headphones. Android users were the ones most reluctant to embrace this change and this is something that could come back to bite Google's Pixel 2. Perhaps even worse is the fact that the smartphone isn't compatible with USB Type-C headphones and instead uses its own adapter.

Competition is fierce these days and galaxy a60 specs now that iPhone X is coming, smartphone producers can't afford to alienate their customer base. Fortunately for Google, Pixel 2 is a solid device and has the advantage of using an operating system much loved by users. It will benefit from major huawei honor 20 pro specs updates over the next three years, so its owners can expect it to run smoothly.

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