Google's larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience (review)

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Let's make it official: the Google Pixel XL is the best high-end, super-sized phone on the market. Like its very similar, though smaller and less expensive Pixel sibling, the Pixel XL brings together premium performance, huawei nova5 pro antutu rating mate 10 specs aesthetics, and ergonomics better than any other phone in its class.

The Google Pixel XL.

Josh Miller It's the Pixel XL's ultra-pure Android Nougat 7.0 experience that gives it the edge over the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the previous standard-bearer in the jumbo smartphone category. That -- and galaxy a8s specs its more natural integration with Google's Daydream View VR -- makes the Pixel XL the Android phone to beat.

And given that we likely won't see a new version of it until the spring or summer, or a new iPhone until the fall, huawei honor 20 pro Specs the Pixel's place as our favorite phone should be safe for at least the next season or two.

Editors' note: The original Google Pixel XL review, first published in October 2016, follows.

It's the Google Pixel XL's time to shine. With Samsung's $3 billion, samsung galaxy s8 specs exploding Galaxy Note one plus 7 pro specs fiasco painfully out of the picture, the 5.5-inch Pixel XL is the premier high-end large-screen phone to get.

Its overall excellent camera and deep integration with Google's new Assistant software give it an edge over the OnePlus 3 and LG V20. Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge remains an outstanding 5.5-inch phone as well, but the Pixel XL (and smaller, somewhat cheaper Pixel) compels us with that pure, Meizu 16S Pro antutu unadulterated Android experience.

I can (and do!) heartily recommend the Pixel XL for large-screen users who want a top-notch camera and pure Android with prompt updates. To save a little cash, huawei honor 20 pro specs opt for the smaller Pixel.

This review answers your major Pixel XL questions, but because both Pixel phones are so incredibly similar, you should read my complete Pixel review for all the nitty-gritty details.
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